Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What shipping methods do you use?

    All shipping is within the continental United States. It is provided by Coast to Coast Trucking and is motor freight LTL (less-than-truckload). Within two business days (M–F) of placing your order, we will contact you with your shipping cost. There is also a handling/crating charge of $50 per bumper. Shipping and handling is NOT included in the price of the bumper.

  2. What determines shipping cost?

    Freight carriers base their charges on a variety of factors, such as distance, freight route (whether it is convenient our out of the way), actual weight of the shipment, and the density of the shipment (weight divided by volume).

  3. Can I make my own shipping arrangements?

    You are welcome to make arrangements with your own freight carrier. We can provide you the pallet dimensions for your bumper. Bumper weights usually fall in the following ranges:

    • Front Bumper: 175–220 lb
    • Rear Bumper: 175–250 lb
    • Both: 375–420 lb
  4. Do you ship to residential addresses, as well as commercial addresses?

    We do, but be aware that delivery to residences, including home businesses, typically costs 2 or 3 times more than shipping to a commercial or business address.

    To avoid the higher cost of home delivery, it could be worth your while to see if you could have the bumper delivered to a nearby business. If the freight carrier’s terminal is nearby, picking up your bumper there is also another alternative.

  5. Do you ship to military bases?

    We can ship to military bases within the continental United States but not to APOs. For the purpose of calculating shipping charges, military bases are considered businesses, but may nonetheless incur extra charges due to delays freight carriers sometimes experience getting onto the base.

  6. Do you ship internationally?

    Currently we ship only within the continental United States. If you need international shipment or to Alaska or Hawaii, please call us at 770-876-0300, and we will see if we can arrange something for you.

  7. What happens if there’s damage upon delivery?

    Please fully examine your package before signing for it. Our orders ship in protective cardboard and plastic wrap and are securely strapped to a pallet. If the packaging looks damaged or you suspect there may be hidden damage, have the driver wait for you to inspect it. All shipments are insured by the freight carrier, but if damage is not reported before the driver leaves, there is usually very little we can do to help you.


  1. What light packages do you have?

    These are our standard lights:

    2.5 Light Size

    Hella DE

    Square Light Size

    Rigid Dually Cubes

    3.5″ Light Size

    Ironton Halogen

    PIAA 530 LED

    4″ Light Size 

    JK Factory

    5 ” Light Size

    PIAA 550 LED

    KC Hi Lights


  2. What if I don’t want to use one of your standard lights?

    If you wish to use a different light, we’ll be happy to accommodate you. We can supply many lights or you are welcome to supply your own lights and we’ll fit them to the bumper. If we do not have the template for a light, you may need to send it to us for fitting and then we’ll ship it back with your order. There is an $85 charge for custom light fitting, or $75 for light holes, buckets, and mounts only. PIAA 520 lights will also fit in the Hella 500 mount.

  3. What does 'inner' and 'outer' light packages mean?

    Most bumpers can accept two sets of lights in the wings. Inner is closer to the center of the bumper, outer is closer to the ends of the bumper. Center refers to the middle portion of the bumper.

  4. Can I reuse the factory fog lights that came with my truck?

    Most likely not. In almost all cases the factory lights snap into the bumper using plastic tabs and do not post mount like aftermarket off-road lights. You’ll find the few trucks where reusing the light is possible in the lighting section on the site.

  5. What is the light bar?

    The light bar is a place to mount additional lights over the winch box. The light bar is designed to handle two lights. Additional light tabs can be ordered and the tab locations can be customized. Please discuss with your sales representative when placing your order.

  6. Do I need to have a grill guard to get a light bar?

    The light bar will either run between the upright bars on the grill guard or be formed and attached to the top of the winch bumper if you are not ordering a grill guard. The light bar is designed to handle two lights.  Additional light tabs can be ordered and the tab locations can be customized. Please discuss with your sales representative when placing your order.


  1. What paint do I need for touch up or to match my finish on the bumper?

    Fortunately, your paint is sprayed on, so touchups are a simple matter of some sanding and spraying on a new coat. The Primer with Black Bedliner is U-POL Raptor Liner – Black, Urethane spray on Truck Bedliner.  Primer used is a 2K High Build Primer in Flat Black

  2. What is the difference between a D ring and a shackle mount?

    The shackle mount is designed for use with a screw-pin type shackle (not supplied). The T44 shackle with a 3/4″ pin can be ordered separately, please talk to your sales representative.

  3. Are your bumpers in stock?

    All bumpers are built to order. However, there are times when an order is cancelled at a late stage of production, resulting in an in-stock bumper. When we have any of these, your sales representative will let you know and they will be on the website.